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Wilhelm Research the recognized authority on traditional and ink jet printing longevity - the big names in ink jet printers (Canon, Epson and HP all have Wilhelm test their gear). The site also has useful technical papers on these topics)

DP Rreview Digital Photography Review has news releases on a wide range of photographic equipment and accessories, detailed reviews on digital cameras and will soon commence lens reviews. There are forums you can read and join.

Luminous Landscape web site on topics including landscape and nature photography using traditional as well as digital image processing techniques and run by Michael Reichmann. There are essays, product reviews, techniques, tutorials, workshops, great tours they organize, seminars and a video journal you can subscribe to - a great resource added to every few days. Also has forums you can read and join.

Computer Darkroom Has articles, tutorials, reviews and technical discussions relating to digital image processing and covers a broad range of topics including: Digital Capture and Workflow, Film Scanning, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Colour Management, Monitor Calibration, and Printing with Epson Inkjet Printers. Very detailed and useful documentation on setting up Photoshop for printing and colour management and profiling your printer and SilverFast film scanning software. Usually updated four to six weeks.

Hahnemuehle fine art ink jet paper


Amazon on line bookshop is a truly wonderful resource for finding books by subject, author etc. even if you don't buy from them but I do - their "expedited air" delivery is much cheaper than air freight and gets to Canberra usually under two weeks (Bulk air to Sydney via Europe then Aussie Post to Canberra). They have books on subjects not often seen in Australian bookshops - check out their books on cinamatography for example which have many ideas from lighting to digital processing useful to still photographers.

Kinokuniya is a chain of bookshops (my closest one is Sydney Level 2, 500 George St, Sydney) that has a great selection of books particularly Photography, Art and Computer (photoshop and other packages, programming etc.). they have a member card (costs to renew each year) which gives 10% discount (recently computer/Photoshop books have been 20% discount to everyone)


REAL WORLD IMAGE SHARPENING WITH ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS2 - Bruce Fraser. Bruce, who sadly died in late 2006, was one of the guru's of Photoshop and this is, in my opinion, the book on sharpening. Most photographers undersharpen their images because they don't know how to control the artefacts that can occur - Bruce explains why how to control.

REAL WORLD CAMERA RAW WITH ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 - Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe. A new edition of Bruces book for CS2 updated by Jeff who is very good value. The book covers all aspects of Photoshop Raw including the new features in ACR 4.2 (which are very very useful). Bridge is covered also.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS - Martin Evening. An excellent reference covering most areas of Photoshop and is my primary general Photoshop reference.