Ember Razement ________________________________ The Fine Art Photography of Malcolm Smith



I am always interested in finding new and interesting models.  I work with both amateur and professional models and try to achieve something of their personality in the images – this is realised by adding the models input or suggestions to the shoot or finding something in the models experience to build image ideas on (eg underwater shots for a good swimmer, dance photographs for a trained dancer such as ballet, national or cultural style and R&B)

Photo of nude swimmer underwater

Siren 1 - nude swimmer under water © M.Smith

I have worked with many people who often have a personal interest in fine art photography.  Many have initially contacted me having seen my work in exhibitions or through other models.  I usually work with female models but occasionally work with male models.  There is no specification for a good model but a certain amount of confidence is required for Nude work.  Prospective models should however have little in the way of tan lines or may be interested in working on reducing such marks in a solarium.  Models should be 18 or older.  Initially I meet with prospective models and tell them about how I work and show them a examples of my work.  My models generally tell me they enjoy our shoots.

My continuing special project is photographing the Pregnant Nude – so if you are pregnant and interested don’t muck about!  I no longer accept commission work but if I am interested in a subject I will consider a photo shoot to meet my current artistic directions.

I travel extensively in and out of Australia so am interested in hearing from people all over but my home base studios are in Canberra and Sydney.  I pay an hourly rate and, if necessary, travel costs.

If you are interested e-mail me CONTACT